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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #17C17lb

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Here's a shape that looks really simple but that's more challenging than expected to pull off, as the key is keeping the profile curves smooth and consistent. I'm really fond of it, though, because it's just about the ideal form for smoking - The rounded egg-shaped bowl nestles comfortably into the palm, and the thumb curls naturally around the curved back of the pipe as it flows from shank to bowl. Some pipes look dynamic and are awkward or annoying to hold in the hand; this pipe looks elegant and feels downright perfect in the hand. It's also really light for a pipe of this (Group 5+) size, courtesy of a large bowl chamber and a dramatically deep blast.

The briar defined the shape of the bowl here, and the age rings not only carry the line of the pipe's central "S" curve, but they also provide it with a heck of a lot of visual impact as they blasted excellently - It looks almost like crisp-edged plates of shale, laid down one over another. The color is another custom mix. We've been doing a lot more of those lately. I've got nothing against the pre-prepared aniline commercial aniline dyes, but more and more we seem to be fine-tuning our colors to match stems, rings, etc, and this is yet another case of same... The golden brown of the bowl was blended to create a matching-but-darker color harmony with the downright gorgeous horn stem. It's one of those horn stems that we've been sitting on for a long time because it was SO striking looking, with strong color contrasts, vivid grain, and the color range of a caramel-and-ice-cream dessert. It's just beautiful - I had to restrain myself from not taking four or five more pics of just the stem!