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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #17C16lb

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This thing is just hilarious... I really enjoy making shapes with the "Pac-Man Frog" aesthetic of wide & fat, but it's hard to find good blocks for pipes like this. Most plateau blocks aren't wide enough and crosscut blocks turned sideways often don't have the best grain patterns once they're spread out across a bowl of this size. This one just ended up amazing, though, with all the age rings expanding outwards from the base of the shank and across the bowl to produce a genuine rarity in grain display, an almost radial fan - check out the underside pics of the pipe above!

It was also helped in a few other areas - The briar was very sandblasting-friendly, for one. The rings were just about ideally spaced for depth blasting between them, while the briar overall was hard enough to resist deformation from extended and high pressure blasting work. That flared rim could very easily have gotten warped out of all shape under hard blasting, but it held up terrific. Even the horn stem was "friendly". It's one of the ones we brought over from France, where they're handcut in the Jura, but just about all of them are straight. It took an hour of boiling and some careful work mixing hand bending and jig-bending to get this one shaped to the very gentle arc that it is. The stuff is so tough that full bents are pretty much out of the question, but I'm very fond of the gentle upswept arc that I achieved.

I would not, however, expect anyone to hold this thing by their teeth! While it's not actually that heavy for its size and wall thickness, this is not a clencher, it's definitely a hand-holder. At least, not an extended clencher anyway. The bowl chamber is done with the largest drill we use, a full 2cm round-bottomed bit that I've ground exclusively for pipes in shapes like this - While it's not actually that tall, it's wide and will fill up with quite a bit of tobacco for a long lasting smoke.

Rare and unusual, the perfect fat and jolly companion for Christmas Eve!