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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1766lb

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Here's a pipe for anyone looking for a bigger bowl than this update's mini-billiards, yet still wanting short overall proportions - The saddle stem gives it a shorter shank stem length for a nice visual offset to the tall round bowl. This bowl shape has been very kind to Ligne Bretagne, to say the least... We've probably made and sold more of this shape than anything else other than bulldogs! It's an ideal design, though, with thicker walls than the typical billiard but otherwise a very similar layout with straight shank, open airflow, and a bowl that maximizes its space for greater chamber capacity than might seem apparent from the dimensions.

The stem is ebonite and fitted with a deep green cumberland-style grained ring. The pipe itself is green as well, though it isn't apparent in some of the photos. It's a bit of a planned longterm effect - Dark pipes like this normally wear with handling on the edges, which is a problem for green pipes as they wear brown. Here, however, we've added an invisible step - the bowl beneath has been bleached out to nearly white before the green/black top color was added. This helps in two ways - It gives truer color for greens and any other translucent tint, to start with, and also produces the nice effect that wear will simply wear to a lighter green instead of brown.